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We design products, packaging, disability aids, furniture, services, and environments.
Our expertise lies within accessibility and sustainability.
To create inclusive solutions, we involve users with reduced functionality at multiple stages of the design process.




Example of an Easy-to-Use Design Solution

This bottle is designed for Embalator Växjöplast. When it comes to screw-cap bottles, any other shape is better than a cylindrical one. You can even open this bottle with one hand.


Our specialization is in designing easy-to-use packaging. Over the years, we have helped several companies design packaging that is easy to grip and open, take the desired dose from, close, and recycle. We have an ongoing close collaboration with a big network of users with reduced hand functionality and vision.

Öppna dig!

Lena Lorentzen wrote this handbook in the design of easy-to-use packaging. Currently only available in Swedish.

You can buy the paperback version in all Swedish bookstores and the e-book here!




Store Shelf System

Candy King

An easy-to-use shelf system for pick and mix candy. Easy to use for customers as well as the people who refill and clean it. We developed it in collaboration with About Design.

Gullunge bärsele


This baby carrier distributes the weight over the back rather than on the shoulders.

EC Buddy

Swede Electronics

This ergonomically designed and temperature-compensating battery charger that confirms coupling by sound was created in collaboration with Hernek Design.



A brush set with an ergonomic design, developed in collaboration with Hernek Design.



Exterior and drivers stand design.

SVR Nozzle


Design of comfortable handle developed together with Mekanik Design AB.

Com 90


We developed a new, user-friendly way of securing logs for transport by using a hand-held controller.

We also designed the stickers.



These are the strongest and lightest combination bunks for transporting timber to date. They contribute to increased road safety as well as smoother and more profitable transport for the haulers.

We also designed the stickers.



The lightest aluminum bunks on the market, designed to make it possible to load more timber and make transport more profitable for the haulers.

We also designed the stickers.



Disability Aids


Athena Nordic

A slip joint plier to open packaging, remove plugs, turn knobs or use in any situation where you need a strong tweezer grip.



An electric wheelchair developed together with children to catch their needs of freedom, cool design, and adjustable positions.



This stroller is cost-efficient and designed with features that support the child's positioning to prevent muscle spasms. Children with low muscle tonus, who often have to wear a safety harness in similar situations, can be placed safely using only a waist belt. The stroller's handle provides the parent with a relaxed and comfortable grip, and they can fold the stroller easily for transport or storage.

Stylus for All


This stylus supports a variety of grip possibilities.

Knee Cradle

Mayday aid

This "trolley" allows parents in wheelchairs to bring their baby.


Mayday Aid

This crib is openable from the side to support easy access for parents in wheelchairs.


Health Care



This device cures snoring, eating, speaking, and swallowing problems. We developed the design together with Funkoform and Proffstestarna. You put it inside your lips and pull three times 10 seconds three times a day for a couple of weeks to get scientifically proved results. Read more at

Hand Controller


Hand controller for patient lifts.

Barcode Scanner


For monitoring patients' wellbeing in their homes.


Rectal Applicator

Karo Bio

Easy to use for quick pain relief.

Full Core

Amedic AB

This biopsy gun should be easy and safe to use but experienced as a disposal item to not use on several patients due to the risk of contamination.


Nobel Medica

An aid to handle blister packaging; opening the box, getting the blister out of the box, pressing a pill into a container, and bringing the tablet to the mouth.






This office chair has a patented seat that minimizes the strain on the body by using different layers of foam in a perfect combination of density and shape. One can adjust the back in height, angle, and shape. The armrests can easily be folded back and adjusted in height.

Vital Armchair

Vito Vital

This armchair helps you to stand up. It can be customized to different support levels, for example, the option of leaning back and an added footrest.

Office Furniture

Technichus Science Center

This table is made with organic shapes to fit the human body.




Accesible Tourism Destination


Träslottet is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hälsingland, Sweden. Here you can enjoy exhibitions, gardens, a cafeteria, and a shop. The buildings are from the 18th century and are typical for this region. It was a big challenge to make the environment accessible without destroying its cultural values.

Ecological and Sustainable Cottage

Vinterviken, Stockholm

This prefabricated cottage has an indoor and outdoor kitchen, a greenhouse, and solar warming by the center wall. We also designed accessible raised beds, a compost bin, and furniture as part of the project.

Conference Room

Technichus Science Center

The design of this conference room revolves around physical and psychological well-being. We used plants and organic shapes as the main design elements.



Close collaboration with users is the key to inclusive design, also when it comes to designing services. We map and study the customer journey, identify problems and solve them through a collaborative process.