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Educational Services

We give lectures and workshops within the area of Diversity Driven Design to universities, organizations and companies, both in Sweden and abroad. 


We offer a variety of workshop packages that all inspire and contribute to increased insight into the area of Diversity Driven Design. The picture shows a workshop in Turkey where participants performed a shortened version of an inclusive design process using equipment that simulated different types of reduced functionality.


We give lectures and seminars on Sustainable Design for All, Universal Design, Inclusive Design, Design of Easy to Handle Packages, How to Involve the Users in the Design Process and related topics.



We regularly provide coaching sessions for companies' R&D departments. We can provide feedback or collaborate with you to support a Diversity Driven Design process. This coaching concept has turned out to be a time and cost-efficient way for companies to reach great results. It also expands the in-house designers' competence, knowledge and understanding of accessible and sustainable design.


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