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Lena Lorentzen Design

We are an industrial design company that have been active since 1988. We design products, packaging, disability aids, furniture, environments and services as well as offer coaching sessions, lectures and workshops.

Our expertise is in Diversity Driven Design. Our design process is rooted in close collaboration with users that have different types of reduced functionality be it physical, sensorial or cognitive. This way we create inclusive solutions that will satisfy and attract a wider consumer market. We believe that beautiful, easy-to-use products made from consciously chosen, sustainable materials will create stronger bonds with the users and therefore be kept for longer. This benefits the user as well as our environment.

Our Team


Lena Lorentzen

Industrial Designer
Professor of Industrial Design
tel. +46 70-298 53 68

Nea Landin

Research Assistant
tel +46 76-829 19 66

Johan Eklund

Expert User
tel +46 70-686 24 74

Lena Lorentzen Design AB
Homnanäset 215
828 91 Edsbyn